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Questions? Call Us: (334) 648-9354

Questions? Call Us: (334) 648-9354

Robotic Mowers

Why Choose a Robotic Lawn Mower?

Benefits of Smart Lawnmowers

Save Time

The Ambrogio robotic lawnmower is an autonomous lawnmower that requires minimum involvement from you once it is properly installed and set up.

Reduce Noise

The  electric battery is much quieter than a traditional lawnmower, which allows it to operate without disturbing your or your neighbors. 

Improve Appearance and Health of Lawn

Daily mowing improves the appearance and health of your lawn since the lawn is always freshly mowed and clippings are virtually invisible. Daily cutting encourages the roots to grow deeper and prevents weeds from going to seed.

Environmentally Friendly

Clippings act as a mulch reducing the water needed and then break down quickly returning nutrients to the lawn minimizing fertilizer requirements. Rechargeable batteries mean no fuel, no oil and no emissions.

Child Safe and Pet Safe

Safety features stop the blade if the lawnmower body is lifted or tips over.  Bump sensors redirect the lawnmower when it encounters an obstacle.

Expert Installation

We install!  The effectiveness of any robotic mower is based on the installation.    Our expert installers can set up you robot in a few hours.   


Will a Robotic Lawn Mower Work for Me?

We have the largest selection in the industry. This means we can install the right size robotic mower to fit your lawn. Give us a call at (334)-648-9354 and we will have you relaxing instead of mowing!


Robotic lawnmowers are perfect for commercial customers with large grass areas or remote locations. Remote monitoring allows for centralized control.     Autonomous mowers work every day so you never have complaints from neighbors.    We have complete turnkey programs. 

Municipal & Educational

Large areas like parks, sports fields, golf courses can take hours of manpower to maintain.  Our robotic lawnmowers free up personnel for other task that require more detail or skill than riding a lawnmower for hours.   The best news is it mows everyday so your ball field is always ready for play.

Robotic Lawnmowers – Dothan, Alabama


Robotic lawnmowers are available for all size yards. They reduce the time required to maintain a beautifully manicured yard.    Take back your weekends!    Let us show you how we can offer a care free lawn care solution for you.  


How Do I Purchase a Mower?

You have options

  1. OPTION 1 - Purchase a mower and you take care of installation and setup yourself.
  2. OPTION 2 - Purchase a mower and have us handle the installation and setup.
  3. OPTION 3 - Purchase a mower and a maintenance plan. With one of our maintenance plans we will handle setup and provide ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your mower.
  4. OPTION 4 - Total worry free. We have lease options. For a low monthly cost we will install your mower, program it and provide peridodic maintenance.


Give us a call and we will give you a customized proposal for your lawn.

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