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  • Understanding 3D Resin Printers

    Have you wondered which 3D printer was better, a resin or a filament? Like most things in life, there are similarities and differences between the two. Read this article to help with understanding 3D resin printers vs. filament printers.
  • Popular 3D Printing Filament: PLA

    The most common material used in desktop 3D printers is Poly Lactic Acid or PLA. PLA is popular because it melts at a relatively low temperature and is generally forgiving when it comes to printing. It does not emit high amounts of odor and comes in the largest selection of colors. 
  • 3D Printing in the Real World: Architecture

    Every day we prove that the possibilities for 3D printing are truly endless. Here at GL Robotics, our expertise matches our creativity, which means, if you dream it, we can do it. Unique patterns, textures and shapes that we are capable of creating through 3D printers have expanded to never-before-seen realms.
  • How Colors are Determined in 3D Printing

    In our humble opinion there are few things quite as fascinating as the multicolor 3D printing technique. Like the world we live in, projects often ...
  • Leveling Your 3D Printer

    A few years back I raced cars. I raced a 2nd generation RX7 on road courses. I removed all the unnecessary parts to save weight, you know like seat...
  • The Science Behind 3D Printing and Filament

    There’s no better way to finish up Earth month than with a rundown on the science behind 3D printing and the differences between recycled and new f...
  • Introducing GL Robotics

    Technology is changing every day. Our daily lives have significantly improved through innovations that bring us closer to each other and make business, education, and general operations easier, while propelling our world forward. Revolutionary advancements happen on a global scale every day, and our mission at GL Robotics is to be your gateway to this new technology. 
  • How is 3D Printing Filament Made?

    As 3d printing becomes more common, makers are starting to demand more from their filament. Early adopters of 3D technology were satisfied in seein...
  • About Us

    Recently, I sat down with Greg and Laurie Summerlin, the founders of GL Robotics. Our meeting allowed me to gain some valuable insight into the mission and driving force of this company.