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Semi-Flex TPU (100A)

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Semi-Flex TPU 100A

Of the many kinds of flexible 3D printer filaments, TPU is slightly more rigid, making it easier to extrude and use. TPU filament is used to 3D print a wide variety of items including custom phone cases, rubber mats, stress toys, and tires or shock absorbers for R/C vehicles. It is also great for applications such as vibration dampening and shock absorption. Our Semi-Flex TPU 100A is a harder filament with a hardness of 100 Shore A. It prints on a much more wide range of 3D printers, and posses characteristics such as:
  • Ease of print-ability 
  • Extreme durability and impact strength while maintaining flexibility
  • Ideal hardness to ensure compatibility on wide range of printers including bowden fed extruders
Recommended print conditions:
  • Extruder - 225-235C 
  • Bed - 60-80C
  • (Slow print speed down if you are having trouble with filament feeding)