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  • 3D Printing a Kaleidoscope

    When art and 3D printing meet, amazing treasures are created. Meet one of GL Robotics customers Barbara Spikes, owner of Paragon Creations. Read more to learn how GL Robotics helps Barbara turn her artistic ideas into beautiful, useable kaleidoscopes.
  • 3D Printing to Save Lives

    There are many different things impacted with the use of 3D printing. We are seeing houses being built by 3D printers, but have you heard how 3D printing is changing the medical industry? If not, read more to find out.
  • GL Robotics 3D Printing Service

    3D printing is one of the services provided by GL Robotics. This article goes through the process from start to finish, so you know what we do behind the scenes of 3D printing and why you should trust us with your next 3D print.
  • 3D Printing in the Real World: Architecture

    Every day we prove that the possibilities for 3D printing are truly endless. Here at GL Robotics, our expertise matches our creativity, which means, if you dream it, we can do it. Unique patterns, textures and shapes that we are capable of creating through 3D printers have expanded to never-before-seen realms.
  • Introducing GL Robotics

    Technology is changing every day. Our daily lives have significantly improved through innovations that bring us closer to each other and make business, education, and general operations easier, while propelling our world forward. Revolutionary advancements happen on a global scale every day, and our mission at GL Robotics is to be your gateway to this new technology.